PUBG is one of the most popular Android games on the market, and with the update that’s rolling out now, a heap of additional content is coming to the game to make it even more addictive.


The first new feature is Miramar, a new desert map. This is the desert map that’s been available on the desktop version of PUBG, and it also comes with fresh weapons and vehicles to check out. It seems that the new map does not support PUBG Mobile’s Arcade mode, though that could change in a future update.

Something else that’s new is Progress Missions. Progress Missions allow you to complete various challenges to earn rewards as you reach new levels, and these are also joined by weekly Activity assignments where you can earn even more goodies.

Last but not least, this update also includes a local quick team feature. If you have people physically near you that also play PUBG Mobile, you can enter a six-digit code to team up with them. This is more of a quality-of-life inclusion that does not require you to search for folks by their usernames.

Keep in mind that the update does not include the ability to choose your region and flag. Tencent said that is a feature it looks to add “later on,” but did not provide a timetable. Also, the update does not include a first-person perspective, though it might arrive in a future update.
The PUBG Mobile update is available on the Play Store and weighs in at over 700MB.
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