From just 2 seats, BJP now rules 21 states.
Grand old National Party Congress is reduced to just Punjab Manipur & Pondicherry.

My salute to people of Karnataka in general and Lingayats in particular. North-South divide, linguistic divide and ultimately dividing Hindus – everything was tried by Congress and its ‘breaking India’ ecosystem. They have been emphatically defeated.

The Modi & Shah duo has taken India one more step closer to Congress Mukt Bharat. Congress still arrogant and not ready to concede that it’s a failure of the Rahul Gandhi leadership. They are busy blaming EVMs & claiming Moral Victory, instead of introspecting.
If BJP wins: Is Democracy failing due to EVMs?
If any other Party wins: Is Modi failing people’s Trust?
Opposition want Paper Ballots so they can go back to Jungle Raj era where truck carrying votes were swapped, booth capturing etc. And whatever happened in Bengal yesterday.
Modi gave enough reasons that people voted for him in 2014.
Rahul has given enough reasons that people will vote for Modi in 2019
Karnataka Verdict Takeaways
>Hindutva is a force.Hindus are more United than ever.Divisive Politics won’t be tolerated (Lingayats)
>Nationalism is on the rise.People have rejected Regionalism & Separatism (State Flag)
This ain’t just a Victory for BJP,it’s Victory of Bharat Mata.
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