Dear Mom.

What’s your problem?
This just isn’t right. To begin with, my existence in this world meant, they cut you open and poke a needle in your spine. And for nine months before that day, I literally fed off your nutrition. Yet you welcomed me in this world with a smile, while I cried my gut out in your tired arms.
What’s your problem?
Why do you continue to call me ten times a day, when you know I’d ignore the first seven, shout at you on the eight, pretend to not care on the ninth and finally have a curt conversation on the tenth call . I got off to sleep after that. But you smile it off and pray that I wake up happy. For me to shout on you, all over again the next day.
What’s your problem?
Why do you always know when something isn’t right? I’m grown up now, I’d like to believe I can act. Build tall buildings of lies. And hide things from you. Emotions. Screw ups. Even my feelings sometimes. But then you look at me. And you slightly smile. And stop at that. You’re the actor, so confidently pretending you don’t know what you definitely know.
What’s your problem?
Why do you cry, when I’m sad? Why do you laugh when I’m just smiling? Why do hurt when I feel a feeble pain? Why do you care even when I don’t?
What’s your problem?
You’ve made sure that I get what I want, even if you don’t get what you need. You’ve saved me from dad , while I’ve ignored for you my friends. You’ve celebrated my accomplishments, when I’ve often disregarded your efforts as routine.
What’s your problem?
I don’t call often. I don’t hug so much now. I mock the tv shows that you watch. You’re not tech savvy. You don’t talk as fast as I do, in languages that I prefer. You’re not like me. And Thank God, for that.
Because you’re you. And me needs you, for me to breathe and be.
Happy Mother’s Day.
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