News of moral policing in India is not something new. They are, however, just as unfair and anger-inducing each time…well, for most. 
All it took for a group of random middle-class citizens of India to turn into a violent extremist mob was the sight of two youngsters sharing a hug.
Two lessons from here:
1) Never respect someone just because they are old and elderly. They too can behave in a nasty way and they often do.
2) Never promote mob justice as a social alternative. It cultivates the thought that any action can be seen as right if done by a crowd.
Why would hugging be seen as a dirty act? Even if I kiss someone in public, what’s wrong there? If peeing in public is not obscene, then kissing surely can’t be termed so!

Kissing and hugging are seen as a basic exchange of love and affection in developed nations. I consider that to be a sign of a superior culture and better tradition.
If our culture and tradition demands that I cannot kiss or hug my loved ones in public, then I don’t need such culture and tradition.
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Vishu Arora

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