Know your government with all the statistics.
*Number of Village left Unelectrified*
2014: 18452
2017: 3937
Grameen Vidyutikaran – Minister: Piyush Goyal

*Number of new LPG connections*
2004 – 2014: 5.3 Cr
2014 – 2017: 6.95 Cr
Ujjawala Yojana – Minister: Dharmendra Pradhan

*Electronic manufacturing in India*
2014: ₹11,198 Cr.
2017: ₹1,43,000 Cr.
Make In India – Minister: RS Prasad

*Mobile Banking in India*
2013-14: 94.7 million
2017: 722.2 million
Digital India – Minister: RS Prasad, Manoj Sinha

*Sanitation Coverage*
2014: 42%
2017: 64%
Swachh Bharat Minister: Narendra Tomor

*Ease of doing business in India*
(Ranking by World Bank)
2014-15: 142
2016: 130
2017: 100
No Minister, Credit Goes To NITI Ayog led by Amitabh Kant

*WEFs Travel and Tourism Ranking*
2014: 65th
2017: 40th
Incredible India Minister: Mahesh Sharma

*Solar Power Generation*
2014: 2,621 MW
2017: 12,277 MW
Renewables Minister:
Piyush Goyal

*Optical Fibre Network*
(Including Rural)
2013-14: 358 Kms
2017: 2,05,404 Kms
Best Accomplishment – Minister: Manoj Sinha, Past: RS Prasad

*Rural Road Construction*
2011 – 2014: 81,095 Kms
2014-2017: 1,20,233 Kms
Super Speed of Road Minister: Nitin Gadkari

*Coal Production*
2013-14: 462 Million Tones
2016-17: 554 million Tones
You will be happy to know that Now Coal Thermal Project are getting canceled because of Solar, We are surplus in both – Coal and Renewables Minister: Piyush Goyal

*New toilets Construction*
2013-14: 49.76 Lakh
2016-17: 2.09 Crores
Swachh Bharat – Minister: Narendra Tomor and Vankaiaya Naidu

2014: $24.2 billion USD
2017: $56.3 billion USD
Liberal and Open Economy Minister: Arun Jaitley

*GDP Growth*
2014: 4.6%
2017: 6.3%
Minister: Arun Jaitley

*Fiscal Deficit*
2013-14: 4.6%
2017: 3.2%

*Electrification in Railway doubled Speed*
Super Trains like Mahanama, Gatiman, Tejas and Humsafar launched.
Cleanliness to providing the Internet at Stations to Redevelopment of Stations.
Status of Railways has also improved sharply for sure.
Minister: Suresh Prabhu

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