Narendra Modi government has banned the import and unauthorised sale of hormone ‘Oxytocin’.
➤ Oxytocin was being highly misused by dairy farmers. Cows and Buffaloes were injected with oxytocin on daily basis to increase the milk yield of cattle. The milk from these animals contained dangerously elevated amounts of oxytocin.
➤ The high level of oxytocin present in these milk subsequently entered into humans after consuming the milk, leading to many disorders as a consequence of hormonal imbalance.
➤ Oxytocin was also highly misused in Human trafficking industry, where young girls were injected with very high doses of Oxytocin to speed up their puberty and force them into prostitution racket.
➤ The government has banned the import of Oxytocin, and asked the customs to seize every single consignment of oxytocin entering into the country.
➤ At the same time, sale of oxytocin over the counter has been made illegal, and government is now considering to limit the access of this injectable hormone only to government hospitals and clinics registered with the government and sales be tracked by barcoding the units.
**If you know any dairy farmer using Oxytocin injection on cattle, please inform police and get them arrested**
This is such an important news, but were any one of you aware of it ? This decision was taken in first week of April, but no news till now !!
Not a single electronic media covered it (The Hindu was the only newspaper which covered the news)

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